Paternity Law in Florida

A man may voluntary affirm that he is the father of a child, or paternity can be established through a test ordered by the Court. Once it is legally established, fatherhood carries with it the duty to pay child support. At Douglas E. Spiegel P.A. we have extensive experience in paternity cases and represent both fathers and mothers. We will work to resolve your case and related matters arising from paternity such as child support, custody, and visitation in an efficient cost-effective manner.

Paternity and Child Support

Once the paternity of a child has been legally established, the father can be ordered to pay child support. He also becomes responsible for past child support dating back to the birth of the child. In some cases, this back child support can amount to tens of thousands of dollars.

The adjudication of paternity and the issuance of a child support order are two separate actions, each presenting different legal issues. We have represented clients in both situations - mothers wishing to compel the father to pay child support, and fathers wishing to limit the amount of support that must be paid. We will effectively advise you of your rights and the actions you may take to achieve your goals.

Paternity, Custody and Visitation

Courts decide every custody and visitation question in favor of what they determine to be the "best interest of the child". Often times this means that even if a father has no prior significant relationship with the child, he may still be able to obtain visitation rights and a parenting plan. We represent mothers and fathers in custody and visitation actions. We understand the legal issues in these matters and the criteria judges use to make their decisions, and will work to achieve your goals.

Many people considering divorce believe that they have an uncontested divorce and therefore do not need the assistance of an attorney. However, divorce involves making many difficult, and often unanticipated decisions that couples can't easily agree on. Those hard choices can turn a simple, uncontested divorce into an adversarial, contested divorce. The guidance of our experienced family law attorneys can help you negotiate or litigate if necessary, those difficult issues.

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