Domestic Violence Issues in Florida

Domestic violence does not require actual physical violence. Your reasonable belief that you are about to become the victim of violence is enough for the injunction. If you or your children are suffering domestic violence at the hands of a spouse or a person with whom you are living in a family relationship or with whom you have a child in common, the Court has the power to issue an emergency domestic violence injunction without warning to the other person. This injunction has the power to order them to have no contact with you, to immediately leave the home, and to provide some temporary support for you and your children until we can file a divorce or paternity action. We will help you file for an injunction and put you in contact with various agencies that offer assistance. We can also ask the Court to order substance abuse counseling, psychological evaluations, or anger management classes for the person committing the violence.

Accusations of Domestic Violence

Has a false domestic violence injunction been filed against you? Contact our office so that we can go with you to your domestic violence hearing. It is important to have legal representation in domestic violence hearings as they are oftentimes a precursor for divorce proceedings. The judge in a domestic violence case may order you to leave your home, keep you from seeing your children, and require you to participate in expensive psychological testing or domestic violence classes. We are experienced in defending such accusations and effective at explaining to the Court your innocence when the other party is falsifying an injunction just to obtain an advantage in the divorce.

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